Fragrance Free Moisturiser


•  For the most sensitive skin types
•  100% organic, water-free formula without any added fragrance or essential oils
•  CONCENTRATED: no preservatives, animal ingredients or animal testing
•  60ml (2oz). Shelf life: 12 months.

This is a rich, creamy balm that is packed full of certified organic ingredients, with no added fragrance or essential oils. With shea and coconut butters, jojoba oil and rosemary antioxidant. Great for sensitive skin of all ages.

USAGE: As protective day cream or super-moisturising night cream. Melt a pea-sized amount between your hands and gently massage into wet skin. Use sparingly. Please patch test before use. Keep cool, dry and away from sunlight. All-natural, handmade product. Colour, texture and fragrance may vary slightly from season to season.

"I found everything I need from a moisturiser from MuLondon. All natural ingredients, at an affordable price, cruelty-free and packaged in environmentally friendly re-usable glass jars. I have been using the Fragrance Free moisturiser and my face is super soft." - Review by Martina, Malta. Read more reviews »

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