Soil Association Organic - COSMOS ORGANIC

The entire range of MuLondon products is certified organic by The Soil Association - COSMOS ORGANIC. We only use the finest plant based ingredients to make our products, and we believe that less is more. Less additives, less intensive farming, less chemicals. This gentler approach is better for the planet, the plants, the animals and ultimately - the human race.

Because MuLondon products are certified to strict organic standards, you will see the coveted and internationally recognised Soil Association organic symbol on our packaging. This acts as an assurance that what you are buying is genuine and fully traceable back to the farm for each ingredient used. MuLondon's premises are inspected by The Soil Association experts annually to ensure compliance with organic standards.

Organic standards look at all aspects of organic manufacturing and production, storage and sales, from packaging to animal welfare and wildlife conservation. They ban unnecessary and harmful additives, proving that certified companies are operating to the highest standards of sustainability and integrity - issues MuLondon is organically passionate about.

About The Soil Association

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by farmers, scientists, doctors and nutritionists to promote the connection between the health of the soil, food, animals, people and the environment. Today the Soil Association is the UK's leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. Soil Association Certification is a wholly owned subsidiary which certifies over 70% of all organic products sold in the UK, certifying organic food and farming since 1973, and more recently, organic textiles, health and beauty products.

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COSMOS stands for "COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard", which sets certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetics products in Europe. The standard is recognized globally by the cosmetic industry.

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