MuLondon Creative Contest - £1000 in Skin Care Prizes

MuLondon Creative Contest

Our Creative Contest is now over! Stay tuned for more exciting stuff coming soon.

We're celebrating our new look and our new certifications with a fabulous creative contest!


One grand prize: £200 in MuLondon vouchers, MuLondon organic cotton cosmetic bag & tote, plus a giclée print from our fellow head judge Cristina Colli.

Eight additional runner-up prizes: £100 each in MuLondon vouchers.


Take a photo of your MuLondon products surrounded by nature. Use leaves, flowers, twigs, pebbles and other props to create a scene inspired by our organic skin care range.

If you don't own a MuLondon moisturiser, cleanser or skin care set yet, you can still get inspired and enter. How about collage or digital art? Here are some digital resources that you can download:

Both photos, short videos and animations are accepted. Be creative!


Upload your creations on Instagram, using the hashtag #MuLondonCreative and tag @mulondon


Here are some useful tips from our fellow head judge for the contest, Cristina Colli. Cristina created our beautiful lifestyle images. See more of her work here:

Keep it simple

You don't need lots of flowers and plants to create a beautiful image. Having too much choice can be confusing, especially if you are new to still life photography, so it's best to start with just a few flowers as focal elements, and perhaps add more if you feel something is missing. For the same reason, try to use just a few colours for a balanced image. Similar colours go well together, and adding a little accent in a contrasting colour can be enough to lift a composition.

Choose a mood

Decide which mood you want to evoke, and then choose your backdrop accordingly. For example, a weathered wooden board with lots of texture is a backdrop that gives a cosy, rustic, earthy country mood. White backdrops work well for minimalist, fresh, clean images, while dark backdrops are perfect for creating dramatic photographs. Consider also natural backdrops such as sand, pebbles, grass, fallen leaves, petals, and so on.

Take photos in natural light

Artificial light often gives a colour cast to photographs that is difficult to correct, so try to take pictures in natural light. For a bright and airy look, take your photographs very close to a window which receives indirect light. If there's too much light pouring in, close the curtains or use a white sheet or shower curtain to diffuse the light and avoid harsh shadows. If you are shooting outdoors, move to light shade for a soft, even light.

Compose your image

Take a little time to think of the composition. Leave some space around your subject to make it stand out, and instead of placing it right in the middle, try to position it along one-third of the frame (rule of thirds). If you are using your phone camera, switch on the grid to help you frame the subject in an interesting way. Place your flowers, plants, and objects in such a way to direct the eye from one point of the image to the others, to create a flow and keep the viewer interested. Move, try different views and angles, take photos with different placements, and don't be afraid of moving stuff around until you're happy with the composition - be playful and have fun!


For more tips, check out Cristina's blog Cristina also writes a monthly newsletter, Creative Notes, where she shares insights into her creative journey, and updates on her work and e-courses. Subscribers also get access to her inspiration library of free resources like the workbook Creative Intentions, the ebook "The heart of Instagram - finding your peeps and building community", inspirational desktop wallpapers, and more. You can sign up to her newsletter here


The contest is open to worldwide entries and ends on the 30th of November 2017. Multiple entries are allowed per entrant. Only original content will be accepted. By entering the contest, you allow MuLondon and our partners to use your content for marketing purposes. Your vouchers can be redeemed in several installments, and you will have one year to redeem your prize. Please ensure that your submissions are cruelty-free and free from animal products. The winners will be chosen from all eligible entries by Cristina Colli and MuLondon.

We can't wait to see your submissions. Good luck!

MuLondon Creative Contest