Vegetarian Society

MuLondon's award-winning range of moisturisers and cleansers has earned the honour of displaying The Vegetarian Society Vegan seedling symbol. This confirms that MuLondon products are free from animal fats or gelatine, contain no GMOs and are cruelty-free.

The Vegetarian Society, established in 1847, is the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world. It exists to influence, inspire and support people to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. MuLondon is proud to produce safe, organic skincare products that people following a vegetarian lifestyle can pamper themselves with.

About The Vegetarian Society:

The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity working to support, represent and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK. The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark is the UK's most widely recognised vegetarian symbol. It ensures a product or meal is free from meat, fowl, fish or shellfish, and ingredients resulting from slaughter; is GMO free and is free from cross contamination with non vegetarian ingredients during the production process.

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