Vegan Society

The entire MuLondon range is 100% vegan and registered by The Vegan Society. Our plant-based skin care products are free from all ingredients derived from animals: beeswax, honey, bee pollen, carmine, chitosan, collagen, emu oil, gelatine, glycerine made from animal fat, lanolin, retinol, shellac, and many others that really should not be there at all.

Committing to a vegan lifestyle is usually a conscious choice for people who do not wish to exploit animals for food, clothing or cosmetics. This means that vegans do not eat animal products, do not wear clothes or accessories made from leather, wool or fur, and do not use cosmetic products with ingredients derived from the animal kingdom.

By proudly carrying the internationally recognized Sunflower logo of The Vegan Society, we are showing that the entire MuLondon skin care range is suitable for vegans. MuLondon is a 100% vegan company, and we will never use any animal-derived ingredients or ingredients that have ever been tested on animals. Compassionate humans everywhere can enjoy MuLondon products, knowing that they are doing something good for their skin, the environment and all the animals.

About The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is a British educational charity founded in 1944 that works to promote veganism by supporting people, organisations and companies wanting to commit to a vegan lifestyle.

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