Naturewatch Foundation

MuLondon is endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation as a genuinely cruelty-free company.

For over 20 years the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide has been the definitive guide to cruelty free shopping for cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products. The Naturewatch guide is unique because no other organisation takes into consideration parent companies, large multi-nationals that are able to put forward smaller and more ethical-branded names, but that still continue to use animal testing to develop new products for some of their brands.

MuLondon is proud to have earned the honour of being endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation and passing their strict criteria of approval. The entire MuLondon range is genuinely cruelty-free and vegan. Customers who care about supporting ethical businesses can enjoy our delectable skincare products, knowing that they are free from cruelty to animals.

About Naturewatch Foundation

Naturewatch Foundation is a registered charity that's been working to improve the lives of animals for over 25 years. Its mission is to end animal cruelty and advance animal welfare standards around the world.

Naturewatch Foundation:

• Campaigns peacefully against animal abuse
• Lobbies to improve animal protection legislation
• Raises awareness through education in order to influence public opinion
• Supports humane education projects that directly improve the lives of animals
• Sponsors the World Animal Day movement to raise the status of animals around the globe

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