If you've read my previous post on Yuzu sake, you know I'm a big lover of this zesty Japanese citrus fruit. When I saw a small botle of something called "Yuzusco", I had to try it!



Yuzusco is a Japanese take on the classic tabasco pepper sauce - but instead of hot peppers, the flavour comes from green chilies and yuzu fruit. It's spicy and fresh at the same time, and will impart a unique flavour to your dishes.

I have tried it in stews, pasta and sandwiches. It's absolutely yummy! You only need a couple of drops, as it's quite concentrated - but make sure you use it up quickly, as the shelf life is only about 6 months. This is probably due to the fact that is does not contain any preservatives - which is a good thing!

I have been looking at a number of other yuzu products, but unfortunately, Japanese food seems to be full of artificial additives - colourings, flavours, preservatives and a lot of MSG. Yuzusco is fortunatly free from it all!


Ingredients: Brewing vinegar, green chili pepper, yuzu peel, salt.

More info on Yuzusco is available directly from the manufacturer, who describes the condiment:

"The rich fragrance of the citron, the spiciness of green chili peppers, and the bracing aftertaste of the vinegar bring out the flavors of the individual ingredients of a dish to the maximum."


Yuzusco is available from Japan Centre in London. Have you tried Yuzusco, or anything else yuzu? Do you have any usage tips or ideas? Maybe a version of "Bloody Mary" - Yuzu sake + Yuzusco?  Let me know!