Holland...where nobody really wears clogs, where Hemp is used for more than fabrics and oil and where they know a thing or two about fashion and beauty! I love Holland, and now Holland gives some love back to MuLondon.

Witoxicity is a fabulous Dutch beauty blog and they have reviewed MuLondon products in their latest blog post. How utterly brilliant!

The review sings praises to MuLondon products and customer service.


MuLondon organic skincare products reviewed on Witoxicity.

  "Frankly, the most impressive aspect about MuLondon is the excellent customer service"

Read the full review below:


UPDATE: Witoxicity has now written about my Rose moisturiser too:


Thanks so much to Witoxicity for the lovely reviews and the kind words about MuLondon! Yay!

Here are the details of the Witoxicity and MuLondon giveaway:


And here are the winners: