I am proud to say that MuLondon has signed The Compact for Safe Cosmetics, and we're now a full member.

MuLondon signs The Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

The Compact for Safe Cosmetics is part of a campaign that works to improve the safety of cosmetics and personal care products on the market. It is founded by The Environmental Working Group, Breast Cancer Fund and Friends of the Earth, among others. One of The Compact's primary goals is to eliminate harmful chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products.

 Upon signing The Compact for Safe Cosmetics, MuLondon commits to six provisions:

1. Comply with EU Cosmetics Directive; which means that none of the ingredients in MuLondon’s products may contain any of the 1,100 toxins and chemicals banned by the EU because they are linked to cancer and birth defects.

2. Disclose all ingredients;
which means that MuLondon must list all ingredients both on its own website, and in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Skin Deep database.

3. Publish and update information; at least once yearly, MuLondon must update information about its products in the Skin Deep database so that consumers always have the latest information available to them.

4. Substitute harmful ingredients with safe alternatives;
if MuLondon used any unsafe ingredients, it would have to replace them within a period of three years. Of course, MuLondon only uses safe, natural ingredients.

5. Substantiate safety of product ingredients; MuLondon commits to proving that the ingredients it uses are safe by submitting peer-reviewed studies that consider the impact of repeated use, and exposure to vulnerable groups such as infants and pregnant women.

6. Participate in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics;
finally, MuLondon commits to actively participate in conferences and meetings and sign annual certificate of compliance.

To this date, more than 1,300 companies have signed The Compact for Safe Cosmetics, but only 250 are fully compliant. MuLondon is one of the 250 fully compliant companies and receives zero hazard rating for all its products. That is the safest rating any product can get and means that MuLondon is among the safest skincare choices out on the market.

More information about MuLondon can be found at www.MuLondon.com, where customers can place secure orders on-line 24/7 for worldwide shipping.