Let me answer a couple of very interesting questions that some of you have asked recently.


 Citrus oils - lemon, organge, grapefruit.Question: I think a citrus based face moisturizer would be awesome...would energize you in the morning!

Answer: The problem with some natural citrus oils is that they can be phototoxic - i.e., when exposed to the sun, they can react with your skin, making it burn more easily. All citrus oils also oxidise and deteriorate quite easily, and would need stabilising.

As all my products are 100% free from all artificial additives, this presents a slight problem, but I'm working on it, naturally. There are a couple of citrus oils that can be suitable, and I'm experimenting with those. Also, there will probably be a citrus face and hands wash coming soon.

More on citrus oils and their phototoxicity here:



 Almonds - almond oil.Question: Have you ever considered making an almond face lotion? I love the smell of almonds and they are supposedly very good for your skin when mixed with honey or milk.

Answer: Natural almond oil oxidises relatively easily, and people that do not tolerate nuts can react to it.

As I formulate my products without any harsh stabilisers, this presents a slight problem. That is why I have decided to use only highly-stable oils for now, like shea butter, jojoba and coconut.

Regarding honey or milk - these are animal products, and I only use vegetable ingredients. There are, however, some great alternatives to these that you will see in my new products soon.


 Lilly of the Valley.Question: Every product sounds so nice, I am hoping to see something with Lilly of the Valley soon :)

Answer: There is no natural Lilly of the Valley fragrance. All fragrances currently on the market that are Lilly of the Valley are artificial (i.e. chemicals) or blends of natural oils designed to somewhat mimic the original fragrance. If the product does not state anything, you can be sure that it contains the chemical sort, which usually contains endocrine disruptors.

As you know, MuLondon products are free from all added man-made chemicals. The other option of using a natural blend of oils to mimic the original fragrance is something I will look into. Many thanks for suggesting this!

About endocrine disruptors:


Read more about Lilly of the Valley on this very interesting blog post here:



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