I am delighted to present to you a new range of organic skincare gift sets as MuLondon Collections. Available in five different varieties, these are exclusive combinations of your favourite MuLondon organic skincare products. Pamper yourself or someone you love with these sets of hand-crafted, all-natural products designed for sensitive skin types.

MuLondon Collections Gift Box Sets

For holidays, MuLondon Collections are presented in magnetic-lid gift boxes, with products wrapped in festive red tissue paper.

Available as sets of full-size organic moisturiser and cleanser in Rose, Lavender and Fragrance-Free.

MuLondon Organic Skincare Collections Gift Box Sets.

Also available are collections of MuLondon moisturisers, including all five regular MuLondon moisturisers in full-size as MuLondon Master Collection, or 30ml trial-size as MuLondon Master Collection - Mini.

MuLondon Moisturisers Master Collection.

Until the end of the year, make savings of £14 on MuLondon Master Collection, £11 on Master Collection - Mini and £5 on sets of moisturiser and cleanser.

To make your gift even more special: All MuLondon collections ordered before the end of December 2012 will include a free MuLondon cosmetic bag or T-shirt in one of limited designs, worth £10. Enter FREEBAG for a free cosmetic bag or FREETSHIRT for a free T-shirt in the shopping cart to choose your gift.


MuLondon Organic Skincare Cosmetic Bags.

MuLondon Organic Skincare T-shirts.

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