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A lovely surprise this Sunday morning - another great review for MuLondon.

MuLondon review on Virtually Vegan blog

Some great pros there!

I would like to address some other interesting points raised in the rest of the review.

I know the smell of White Chocolate is unique and potent - that's how White Chocolate is. Lavender is a safe bet, but White Chocolate is special. I have people who absolutely adore it. I have tried to make it as subtle as possible, without compromising on being true to its name. And as I only use natural extracts to fragrance the cream, the fragrance usually blends in quickly with the wearer's skin and works with it, not against it.

Yes, it is very solid - I wanted to make something very concentrated and without any chemical preservatives, and of course, fully vegan. After a lot of testing, this emerged as the best solution to what I was after - all natural, effective and preservative-free, but still highly stable and long-lasting.

You can use it on dry or wet/moist skin. I usually apply it straight after my shower, after I have wiped my face dry, but while there's still a lot of moisture in it. A very, very tiny amount of the moisturiser will do, applied softly with my fingertips and then massaged into my face. If you feel you have to massage for too long, or if it does not sink in quickly - you may have used too much, and that is something that happens a lot when people switch from moisturisers that are 60% water, 30% fillers, preservatives and chemicals and 10% active ingredients, to something that is 0% water and 100% actives. I took some getting used-to as well.

Check it out at the Virtually Vegan blog below:


 Thank you for the review and for all the points you raise in it!