I am really happy that MuLondon and our range of natural skincare has been featured in Ruby's World Views blog! Did I say happy? I mean ECSTATIC!

She's put up some of the great photos taken exclusively for MuLondon by Geraldina Maslo. Not only that - she writes what I've believed in for years, which is:

"...Oh, and let me add one thing: if you have been told (like I have) that you're supposed to use oil-free products for your face, then I can tell you that that's simply not true. They should be mineral-oil free, but vegetable oils and butters are good for your skin. Very nourishing, mousturizing and they leave your skin super soft..."

You go, girl! Check out Ruby's blog, it's full of great political, ethical and personal posts - and lovely photos. Great stuff!

MuLondon.com on Ruby's World Views blog

The MuLondon post is here:

and the home page of the blog is below:

Thanks Ruby!