One of many fantastic things about living in London is choice. You can get anything you like here, and when it comes to world food, this city rules. I was very excited when I discovered NamaYasai. They are "natural agriculture" growers of Japanese vegetables and herbs. And they have a Japanese vegetable box scheme!

Wonderful Japanese vegetables from NamaYasai.


What's wonderful about this small producer based in Lewes, East Sussex is that they do not use any pesticides or fertilisers. All vegetables are from Japanese varieties, grown on their own land and picked the same day.

They grow, among other things: shungiku, gobo, shiso, nira, daikon, kabu, edamame, mitsuba, mizuna, karashina, myoga, kabocha and wasabina.

I was lucky to try one of their Japanese vegetable boxes. All the produce was fresh, crisp and VERY tasty! You can tell these vegetables are grown with love and care. The flavours of wasabina and shiso blew me away. Unique, tangy and refreshing. The box is very affordable, so do give it a go.

Robin and Ikuko of NamaYasai also had a stall at this year's Japan Matsuri, a celebration of all things Japanese at Spitafields market. I was fortunate to be able to buy some more of their amazing vegetables there.

Robin from NamaYasai.


They currently have collection points in Dulwich, Finchley, Hackney, Isleworth and Wimbledon and would welcome more – especially in West Acton or Croydon. The person setting up a collection point receives a discount on their vegetables and they invite anyone able to organise a group of people (perhaps already meeting somewhere as a club - or for a shop or café - this is a good way to increase footfall) to get in touch with Namayasai.

You simply must try these! Check out the NamaYasai website here »

Soon you'll be munching on the delicious pink daikon, just like me! Enjoy freshly sliced with just a hint of sea salt.

Pink daikon from NamaYasai.