My all-in-one travel buddy: Lavender oil! Lavender is one of the mildest, safest essential oils known to us. I use it daily, and do not travel without a small bottle of lavender. If I'm on a sunny holiday and get burned? Lavender helps soothe it. Headache? Lavender makes it manageable. The hotel room smells musty? Yes, you guessed it - a few drops of lavender makes it smell fresh and more like home.

Lavender oil - great for all kinds of skin issues.

I also use this amazing oil after shaving, if I cut myself or get bitten by a bug, or if I burn myself while cooking, to prevent blisters. You get the picture - it's my panacea and my go-to oil for many conditions. It's the reason I've based MuLondon's Organic Lavender Moisturiser and Organic Lavender Cleanser around this oil.

Do you have any other uses for lavender, or is there a different natural remedy that you swear by? Let me know by leaving a comment below!