Glamorouxx - MuLondon review.

MuLondon goes to Estonia, where Glamorouxx, a beauty blogger, writes about my White Chocolate Truffle cream. She says "It is my all time cure for dry skin"!

She adds:

"It does not only smell like chocolate cream or creamy ice cream, it also looks like whipped and delicious cream. MuLondon creams are never diluted with water. So a little bit goes a long way.

I usually need only tiny bit of cream to rub between my hands and it develops into moisturizing oil that is enough to moisten quite large area of body. If you now think "oil? no way!" then calm down, it does not stay on the skin and leaves a sticky residue on it. It is natural and organic, so your body recognizes it and sucks it right into the skin."


Glamorouxx - White Chocolate cream review.


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