Are you, like me, obsessed with essential oils? I have hundreds of bottles of all kinds of wonderful aromas at home, and I love experimenting with them. My go-to oil for all kinds of ailments is lavender, and I recommend that all households have a bottle of this wonderful oil in their medicine cabinet. See why here.


Smell of roses! Use essential oils to infuse your clothes with natural aromas.

Once you've finished with a bottle of essential oil, remove the cap and the dropper insert and place the empty, opened bottle inside your underwear or t-shirt drawer. The seemingly empty bottle will continue emanating fragrance for quite a while, and will infuse your clothes with a natural, fresh aroma.

All essential oils work well with this neat & simple little trick, but the woody aromas of oils like cedarwood or sandalwood tend to linger longer. Try it with the warm, comforting rose, fresh lavender, cheerful mandarin or spicy patchouli. For an extra punch, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a cotton hanky and tuck that in between your garments. You can even combine a few oils of your choice to create a unique and personal aroma that will have you smelling like nobody else!

A word of warning: Don't apply essential oils directly to your clothing, as they may stain.

I'd love to hear if you've tried this before. What oils are your favourites? Do you have any other tips for using essential oils around the home? Let me know by commenting below!