In the Witoxicity and MuLondon giveaway that just ended, I asked for suggestions of natural fragrances to use in my upcoming products. Here are all the suggestions and my answers:

Vanilla and Cocoa - My "White Chocolate Truffle" moisturiser contains Organic Vanilla Bourbon extract and an exclusive Cocoa Extract, so this would be an ideal cream for all those in love with these fragrances.

Strawberry fragrance - what do you think?Strawberry, Cherry, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Magnolia, Fig, Pear - No natural essential oils or extracts exist that could be used preservative-free in my moisturisers, as far as I know. These may all be available in a different form that could be suitable for other products that I'm working on. If you have some information - please contact me!

Fennel, Yarrow, Tea Tree, Coconut, Geranium, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Patchouli, Pomegranate, Almond, Coffee - Lovely fragrances, thanks so much for the suggestions! I better start mixing and testing soon.

Citrus - There are some issues with citrus oils and phototoxicity, please see my blog post here for more details: citrus more your cup of tea?

Sandalwood - The geuine Indian Mysore sandalwood is not only impossible to get by, but also endangered. I am looking into Australian Sandalwood, which is a lovely sustainable alternative.

Green Tea - This may be coming very soon, but not in a moisturiser. That's all I can say for now!

Jasmine & Lilac - These have only been available as "absolutes", i.e. solvent-extracted, until very recently. I am experimenting with new organic extracts of these flowers, as I never use any petroleum solvent-extracted ingredients in my products.

Mint, Cinnamon, Lemongrass - May be a bit difficult to use in a facial cream, as these natural oils can irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes and can make them teary. However, they could all be great in a feet moisturiser.

Honey - This is an animal product, and I do not use any animal products in my MuLondon range. There are some fab vegan alternatives that I am looking into!

Rosewood - This lovely oil has also been on the endangered list, but sustainable sources are appearing. I am looking into this.

What great suggestions - thanks so much for each and every one of them! Do you have any ideas not already on this list? Or do you have an opinion about the ones mentioned above? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!