Here are some more customer questions that I thought would be good to share with everyone:

Dear MuLondon, Can you please tell me which of your skincare products are suitable for dry/sensitive/fragile skin with fine lines around the eye area?
Many thanks, Gemma

Cream for the area around the eyes.

All my moisturiser are ideal for dry & sensitive skin. If you also want to use it around your eyes, then either one of these would be great:

Organic Rose Moisturiser
Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser
Organic Lavender Moisturiser

Please note that as they are all water-free, they are very concentrated, so you need to use only a tiny amount. All of them are hand-made in small batches, and I never use any chemical preservatives or artificial colours or fragrances. Apply in a thin layer, gently using your fingertips.

I just bought your Rose Cream, I'm really excited to try it and hopefully next time I will get the Lavender one too - it seems bliss for night time.

Can you please advise me on cleanser and toner? I've just recently read that toner is actually not good! I've been researching natural skincare for 3 months now and can't get a top cleanser and toner!

Regarding cleanser and toner - I am working on an all-natural, detergent-free cleanser and that will be available in a couple of months.

Toners are not that bad - it depends what they contain and what your skin likes and needs. A lot of toners contain alcohol - and sometimes this can be denatured alcohol, which I'm not a fan of. Alcohol in itself is not bad, it's what they put in it. If it is natural, organic grain alcohol, it's fine. Denatured alcohol contains chemicals to prevent people from drinking it. Those chemicals can be absorbed by your skin. There are also alcohol-free toners for people that find alcohol drying.

You can easily make your own skin toner if you have some Flower Water. Flower Water is what is left from a distillation of an essential oil. It is condensated water that is lightly fragrant and naturally astringent, meaning it will minimise the pores in your face. Which Hazel is know to be a particularly good astringent.

If you do not have any Flower Water, you can make a decoction yourself from, say, chamomile or rose flowers - bring to simmer, sieve, put in a spray bottle and keep refrigerated for up to 3 days. It will keep a bit longer if you add some alcohol to it (about 15%), but make sure it is not rubbing alcohol like Isopropyl Alcohol. Pure vodka (40% and over) will also do.

Any suggestions or tips you can offer? Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.