"Mens sana in corpore sano" (A healthy mind in a healthy body), goes the famous Latin quotation. The benefits of physical exercise on our overall well-being have been widely documented - see the NHS and the Mayo Clinic articles for more scientific references. Frankly, you don't need a scientist to tell you that exercise is good for you. Your body innately knows that.

I know what you'll say: "It's too expensive to join a gym!", or "I don't have enough time.", or "I don't like to exercise!". Let me stop you right there and respond to each of your objections: You don't need a lot of (if any) money, you don't need much time, and welcome to the club. We all feel like this, but don't listen to that voice in your head that is afraid of change. Once you get going, you'll love how exercising makes you feel.

Exercise & health.

You can run or jog for free in your local park, cycle, swim or dance or try some alternative ways to get and stay fit. If you can join a gym, they will have many fun group classes that you can try if you don't like lifting weights alone. Check out yoga, pilates and Zumba or Body Pump and boxercise for something tougher. Alternatively, free apps like Runtastic and Sworkit will allow you to exercise at home using nothing else but your smartphone or tablet and your body weight. I use these apps myself and I can tell you that they'll make you sweat, especially as you progress through the levels.

Exercise is good for all sorts of things, and if you still need convincing, maybe these main benefits will help: Better metabolism and muscle tone, enhanced mood and healthier-looking skin. Choose the type of exercise you'll enjoy doing and then try to stick to it. Just a few times a week is all you need to reap the rewards.

What are your exercise tips and experiences? What helped you get over the initial hurdle to start working out? Let me know by leaving a comment below!