Please visit the Eliant website and sign their petition to secure legal safeguards for anthroposophic medicine, biodynamic (Demeter) foods, Waldorf education and other initiatives for applied anthroposophy in Europe.

Biodynamic agriculture goes a step further than organic - it is completely holistic and based on an astronomical sowing and planting calendar. Read more about it on Wikipedia:

It is my vision to eventually start using biodynamic ingredients in all MuLondon natural skincare products, as they become more widely available and affordable. Spraying our crops with chemicals or genetically modifying them is definitely not the answer, and should not be the norm. Antroposophy shows respect for all living beings, plants and animals alike, the respect that has for long been gone from modern agriculture.

Germany and The Scandinavia are quite big on biodynamic, and hopefully, we'll start to see more of it here in the UK too. Are you using any biodynamic products or foods? Please leave your comments below.

Thank you!