We're very fortunate that we live in times where many wonderful organisations campaign to better the world we live in. Thanks to the work of The Vegan Society, Greenpeace, PETA, BUAV, Amnesty International and many others, it's easier to choose more humane alternatives. Whether it's eating or drinking, saving or donating money, buying clothing or signing petitions via Change.org, Avaaz, SumOfUs or AllOut - we can all make a difference by where we spend our money. Every action helps!

While there are many ethical companies, there's also a lot of greenwashing. Naturewatch recently published a list of top 10 companies that fool you into thinking they are cruelty-free or green. You'd be surprised to see who's on that list.

Choose cruelty-free.

To make sure you're supporting truly cruelty-free businesses, look for their accreditations and check them against online databases like Go Cruelty Free or Beauty Without Bunnies. Choosing more humane and ethical alternatives is good for you - not only because doing good feels good, but also because ethical choices have a much wider impact on our health and well-being.

Check out the guides from The Telegraph and The Art of Simple on shopping ethically.

What do you look for when making ethical purchases? Let me know in the comments!