Another victory for MuLondon and safe skincare everywhere!

The entire range of MuLondon organic, vegan skincare products has been named Champion in a new report issued by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

MuLondon named Champion by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics announced today that MuLondon, together with 334 other cosmetics companies, has met the goals of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, the Campaign’s voluntary pledge to avoid harmful chemicals and to fully disclose product ingredients - a pioneering practice in the cosmetics industry.

Being named Champion by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics shows my dedication to bringing safe skincare products to the market. All the products in MuLondon range are cruelty-free, organic and effective and MuLondon will always be at the forefront of truly natural, safe skincare.


MuLondon Safe Organic Skincare Products.

The report “Market Shift: The story of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and the growth in demand for safe cosmetics” describes the seven-year project during which the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics worked with MuLondon and hundreds of other companies in the personal care products industry to set a new high-bar standard for personal care products.  These best practices include: 

- Making products without using ingredients prohibited for use in cosmetics in other countries.    

- Disclosing all product ingredients, including those that make up “fragrance,” showing that it’s not necessary to hide these ingredients from the public.

- Working together with nonprofit health groups to increase market demand for safe, sustainable products and practices. 

See the full report:

MuLondon’s all-natural range is fully compliant with the requirements of EWG's Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Check it out here: