Pick up your copy of "The Ecologist - Behind the Label" supplement, where MuLondon is featured. There's also a discount code available for all readers!

MuLondon in "The Ecologist - Behind The Label"

"The Ecologist" is producing this supplement in an effort to inform, educate, and inspire current consumer groups to be more aware of their purchasing choices. "Behind the label" takes a look at common household products and food items by the ingredients they contain and how they may be helpful or detrimental to your health. Learn how safe your moisturiser is and how to read labels and avoid toxic ingredients for many popular products, from toothpaste and fabric softener to ketchup and cut flowers!

"The Ecologist" has previously reviewed MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturiser, saying: "The lavender moisturiser doesn’t just smell fabulous, it’s also 100 per cent organic and PETA certified to boot."


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