I discovered this on a trip to Madrid. The jar did not look very exciting, but I was bored and hungry. I did not open it until I came back home to the UK.


This tastes like heaven. Almond heaven. It's got a soft, milky toffee flavour, smooth and thick texture and is absolutely scrumptious! Almendrina is a thick paste made from almonds and sugar. Sounds simple. But tastes...like nothing I have tasted before.

And it's not available in the UK, as confirmed by the manufacturer. I have heard rumours that jars of Almendrina have been spotted at Wholefoods market, but I need to look into that.

If you travel to Spain, get a jar or two, or even the big 1kg tin. It's just a couple of euros, and totally worth it.


Almendrina - absolutely delicious!


The Almendrina website states:

"The most common use of ALMENDRINA is in the preparation of almond milk.  To prepare, you only have to mix one or two soupspoons of ALMENDRINA with ten tablespoons of hot or cold water.  If you use cold water, you’ll get a very pleasant refreshing drink that is also nutritious.  You can also add coffee, tea, malt,instant coffees or coffee substitutes.

Because of its creamy texture, it can also be used straight from the jar like a jam, or in baking recipes:  for cakes, ice creams, puddings, custards, and so on."

Ah - they are so right. Straight from the jar. A teaspoon when you're feeling down. Heaven.

The Almendrina website is below: