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  1. 10 Things To Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis

    A lot of us suffer from sensitive and problem skin these days. It could be because of our environment, the food we eat, the products we use, or our genes. It is probably a combination of all these factors that causes our skin to become reactive to even the mildest changes. This can be frustrating for anyone that has experienced rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, and those with generally sensitive or dry skin.

    The good news is that a lot of skin problems can be managed and brought under control with a combination of lifestyle changes, where you try to identify and eliminate any possible triggers one by one. Here are some of the most common things to avoid when you have problem skin.

    10 Things To Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis

    1. Harsh skincare products: These can irritate the skin with strong perfumes, artificial colours, preservatives and petrochemicals. Look for simple formulas with few ingredients, which are less likely to cause problems - or learn how to make your own skincare products. When your skin is sensitive, the less it has to deal with, the better. Remember to be gentle with your skin - don't rub it vigorously, pinch or pull on it. Thoroughly rinse off any traces of your cleanser. Use a mild moisturiser, and indulge in a gentle facial massage, which will benefit your skin health.

    2. Hot showers: While it may feel relaxing and soothing on sore muscles, a hot shower will open up your pores and cause the thinner, more delicate facial skin to flush. This, in turn, makes it even more sensitive and reactive. Try turning down the temperature on your tap, and finish your shower with a slightly cooler stream of water.

    3. Frequent showers: Tend to disrupt your skin's acid mantle and strip it of protective oils. If your skin is sensitive, and especially if you have rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, try to limit your showers to not more than two a day.

    4. Hard water (limescale): Hard water contains a higher than normal amount of limescale, or calcium carbonate (CaCO3). If you live in the UK, and particularly around London, where we get hard water, you will be well aware of the white, scaly deposits in your kettle and on your shower screen - that's limescale. Limescale has the ability to disrupt the skin's protective barrier, causing redness, irritation and dry skin. You can find out your water hardness from your water company - here is a handy list of UK suppliers. If you notice that your skin reacts to it, you can reduce limescale by using a water softener. UK's Drinking Water Inspectorate has an interesting PDF on water hardness here.

    5. Spicy food: Who doesn't like a good, hot chilli curry? The problem is, spicy food often triggers or aggravates rosacea, according to a survey by the National Rosacea Society. See if avoiding chilli, horseradish or MSG helps, and if so, try cutting down on those ingredients in your diet.

    Eat More Fresh Fruit

    6. Processed foods, meat, dairy, additives: What we eat has a big impact on our overall well-being, and that includes the skin. Avoid heavily processed fast foods, often rife with additives; and cut down on meat and dairy. Making a shift towards a plant-based diet, rich in organic produce such as fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans, will infuse your body with beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients, designed to support your health and revitalise your skin. Try an organic soya or coconut yoghurt, which are packed with probiotics - good for your digestive system and your skin.

    7. Infrequent or excessive sun exposure: Moderation is the key here. While too much sun without a sunscreen can definitely aggravate rosacea, too little sun can do as much harm to sufferers of eczema and psoriasis. Vitamin D is crucial not only for the balance of the immune system and healthy bones, but it also affects our skin. The best way to get enough vitamin D is through moderate exposure to sun.

    8. Alcohol and cigarettes: Can cause dehydration, skin spots and permanent changes in the quality and elasticity of your skin, further aggravating problems like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Try giving up smoking and consuming alcohol in moderation - there are many other uses for your left-over booze. To help your liver recover, consider doing a liver cleanse, or including milk thistle, a traditional liver tonic, in your diet.

    9. Stress and anxiety: These known triggers for a number of mental and physical ailments also affect the skin. Try a simple mindfulness meditation for 5 minutes a day, where you simply sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. It's that easy, and is proven to work! If meditation is not your thing, relax in a way that suits you - listen to music that makes you feel good, take a bath or paint or dance.

    10. Dehydration: Being properly hydrated is vital to our health. Drink at least 1.5 litres of pure, clean water a day to ensure your body and your skin are supplied with enough H2O to function optimally and flush out toxins from your system.


    Living with problem skin can be tricky and discouraging. I started MuLondon because of my own issues with dry, sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. I set out to create a range of mild, effective products based on natural and organic ingredients to help soothe irritated skin. With a combination of the right products for you, and making small but beneficial lifestyle changes, your skin can regain its glow.

    Some of the triggers mentioned above may cause no symptoms, while you may notice that something not on this list aggravates your condition. Let me know what works for you, and what doesn't. What makes your skin react, and what soothes it? Please share!

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  2. MuLondon Joins SAFE New Zealand's Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

    MuLondon is delighted to announce that its entire organic skincare range has been included in SAFEshopper, New Zealand's premier cruelty-free shopping guide. SAFEshopper is produced by SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation), New Zealand’s leading animal advocacy organisation, and helps Kiwi shoppers use their consumer power to select cosmetic and household products that have not been tested on animals. All companies appearing in the guide have signed a legally binding statement confirming that they do not conduct animal testing of any cosmetic or household products or ingredients, nor do they sell their products to countries requiring animal testing by law.

    We are extremely pleased to welcome MuLondon to SAFEshopper, SAFE's cruelty-free guide for New Zealand shoppers-on-the go. It’s exciting adding new companies to our growing list, because this means increased cruelty free options, which signifies less animal cruelty as well as more happy shoppers.” - Amanda Sorrenson, Head of Marketing and Communications, SAFE New Zealand.

    MuLondon Joins SAFE New Zealand's Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

    The award-winning range from MuLondon includes deliciously ethical products such as the Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser, the Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser and the Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Foaming Face Wash – all 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

    I am excited that SAFE New Zealand has added MuLondon to their SAFEshopper guide. MuLondon has a strong stance against animal testing, and our listing in SAFEshopper shows our customers in New Zealand that this is an issue that's important to us. The entire MuLondon range is listed as cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, which helps connect us with our growing audience of conscientious shoppers in Australasia.

    More information about the award-winning organic range of cruelty-free and vegan moisturisers and cleansers from MuLondon is available at

    Learn more about SAFE and the wonderful work that they do via

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  3. MuLondon Reaches Finals In Two Categories In FSB London Business Awards

    I've got some very exciting news to share! MuLondon is in the finals of the Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB) Awards in two categories: Service Excellence and Green Award.

    "Reaching the finals of the awards appropriately reflects hard work, enterprise and endeavour in business. Your entry was selected by an independent judging panel of 6 judges and deemed deserving of this accolade. You should be immensely proud of such recognition." - FSB London Business Awards.

    Our stellar customer service has previously been awarded The Customer Care Award from Mayor of Lewisham, and is enjoyed and appreciated by delighted customers around the world.

    MuLondon is an environmentally aware company - we use only certified organic raw materials including shea butter from a community project in Ghana. MuLondon does not allow petrochemical or GM-ingredients, artificial preservatives or palm oil. We use bio-degradable bubblewrap, and we have also won The Environmental Business Award from Mayor of Lewisham.

    I am truly honoured and excited that MuLondon has reached the finals of the 2015 FSB Awards - not in one, but in two categories, which are both at the core of what MuLondon stands for: customer satisfaction and environmental practice.

    Keep your fingers crossed for us on the 30th of July, when the winners will be announced.

    MuLondon is in the finals of the Federation Of Small Businesses Awards in two categories: Service Excellence and Green Award.

    See the other finalists:

    Find out more about MuLondon:

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  4. Keep It Cool: How To Store Your MuLondon Organic Skincare Products During Hot Weather

    In the heatwave that's hitting Europe right now, we're experienced very high temperatures. It was 36.7C (98F) in London today, the hottest day in ten years, and the warmest July day since records began! In addition to keeping yourself hydrated, remember to take care of your MuLondon skincare products to ensure that they perform at their best.

    • Always keep your MuLondon moisturisers away from heat, sun and moisture.

    • If you live in a very hot climate or are experiencing a heatwave and do not have air-conditioning, you may want to consider temporarily keeping your moisturiser in the fridge.

    • Make sure that the lid is tightly screwed on, to prevent humidity entering the product, which may negatively affect the shelf life.

    • If your moisturiser has already melted, simply shake it vigorously a few times, put in the fridge with the lid tightly screwed on, and you should have restored it to its previous glory in 24 hours.

    • Once temperatures have returned to normal and are under 20C, it's best to keep your moisturiser at room temperature and out of the fridge. Because MuLondon products do not contain any added stabilisers or emulsifiers and are hand-whipped, prolonged stay in the fridge may affect the texture of the product. Your cream will be still fine to use - but we want it to be perfectly smooth and soft!

    • You will also find that as the weather gets warmer, the consistency of the cream is just a tad softer. This means that it will be even easier to apply sparingly, to accommodate for your skin's need for lighter coverage and protection during the summer months.


    Follow the tips above and you'll have a very happy MuLondon moisturiser that will serve you for a long time! What do you do to keep yourself cool during the hot summer months? Please share in the comments below - I really need to know!

    Beauty Tip: Keep It Cool

    Image: Summer skies over London from MuLondon on Instagram

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  5. FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2015: Two MuLondon Moisturisers In The Final

    Yay! MuLondon is shortlisted in two categories in the 2015 FreeFrom Skincare Awards.

    Face Care Leave On:
    MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser

     Delicious, decadent organic moisturiser with Bourbon vanilla and cocoa. Indulge your skin and your senses in this luxury spread for your face and your body. 

    Shortlisted in the 2015 FreeFrom Skincare Awards, Face Care Leave On Category: MuLondon Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser


    Problem Skin:
    MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturiser

    Lovely 100% organic moisturising balm with shea and coconut butters, jojoba oil, rosemary antioxidant and lavender essential oil - to relax your mind and your skin.

    Shortlisted in the 2015 FreeFrom Skincare Awards, Problem Skin Category: MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturiser


    The shortlisted products are the strongest performing entrants in the 2015 FreeFrom Skincare Awards, following a two-month period of evaluation by a 100-strong team of dedicated Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible testers, each with sensitive or reactive skin, or with a specific interest in natural, organic and "free from" skincare.

    Winners will be announced at the "Love Natural Love Organic" show on the 3rd of July 2015, at Olympia in London.

    In the 2013 FreeFrom Skincare Awards, MuLondon won the Silver Award for the Organic Fragrance Free Foaming Face Wash in the Face Care Take Off Category.

    In the 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards, MuLondon won the Silver Award with the Organic White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream in the Hand, Nail and Foot Care Category and the Bronze Award with the Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser in the Problem Skin Category.

    We are very excited to be a part of the FreeFrom Skincare Awards for the third year in a row. MuLondon products are loved by people with dry, sensitive and problem skin around the world, and we greatly appreciate being acknowledged for our dedication to producing the purest, mildest skincare products possible.

    Read more about the FreeFrom Skincare Awards:

    Get MuLondon skincare products:

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