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Organic Rose Foaming Face Wash - OUT OF STOCK

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MuLondon Organic Rose Foaming Face Wash

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Literally saved my face! Review by Suze, North Hertfordshire, UK
You quite literally saved my face in October.

I found out, while at Atlanta airport, why you carry toiletries and a change of clothes in hand luggage. After being rather poorly, I was so grateful to have gorgeousness to wash my face with. Thank you for that. The next flight was far more pleasant because of you.

I'm sure you don't know this, but I originally started ordering the rose collection because of rose otto's reputation for assisting with emotional well being and for increasing confidence. Each day, after using the moisturiser, I head out of the door with my head held high, regardless of how many people I need to sing to, present to, interview, etc. I swear a lot of that is down to the continued use of the moisturiser. An added bonus that you don't advertise, eh?

Why is this my third order with you? Because the customer service is even better than the product, which is quite an achievement! (Posted on 04/03/2016)
Best face wash I have ever used Review by Julia, Lincolnshire, UK
This is the foamiest face wash I have ever used.

It leaves your face feeling so incredibly soft and clean! The scent of rose is just idyllic too.

Best face wash ever - and I've tried them all! (Posted on 13/07/2015)
Making a big difference to my skin Review by Elisabeth, Buckinghamshire, UK
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Rose moisturiser and cleanser that I received recently, I'm delighted with them. They smell and feel amazing and are already making a big difference to my skin.

Also, I can't tell you how happy I am to have found products that I am 100% comfortable with! It's such a struggle finding clean cosmetics and skincare and I am very grateful that you're doing what you do. :)

I will definitely be back! All the best, Elisabeth. (Posted on 06/06/2015)
My skin feels better than ever Review by Iris, Málaga, Spain
I must let you know how grateful I am for my smooth skin thanks to your lovely products.

Day by day I feel and see improvement on my skin.

I used to think that using brands and products packed with harsh chemicals was unavoidable in order to get better looking skin. Now my skin feels better than ever.

Thank you!

Besos!!! (Posted on 19/02/2015)
Gentle nourishing cleanser Review by Janet, Oxfordshire, UK
I ordered this about a week ago. After trying it on the first morning, I wasn't sure but I persevered. Now after a few days - such a difference. My skin is clear, yet balanced and no dryness. It looks calm yet glowing. This suits my mature skin very well. Looking forward to receiving the Rose moisturiser (which I know is very good) and using the two together. Your entire range is superb! (Posted on 02/02/2014)
Perfect for Sensitive Skin Review by Michelle, Cardiff, UK
I love the way that this face wash is a liquid in the bottle, but comes out as a foam. The rose scent is wonderfully uplifting, and the foam is incredibly light on the skin. The consistency is creamy, and rinses off easily without leaving a residue. Non-drying, and great for sensitive skin.

A word of warning - a little really does go a long way so be careful not to use too much! (Posted on 07/11/2013)
Luxurious Review by Susan, Derby, UK
I love this face wash as it smells really gently of rose. I love the way it is so soft as it comes out and gently washes my face. It feels gentle and slightly oily, so that my skin feels well nourished and not at all dry when I have used it. (Posted on 07/11/2013)
I highly recommend the products! Review by Daphne, Illinois, USA
I am in my 60's and have been a lifelong environmentalist. Knowing the state of chemical overload in the United States and the world, I have been looking for pure products to use. When I discovered Boris' MuLondon products, I was amazed! The high quality of the facial washes and face creams is fantastic. I love the refreshing scent and silky feel of the Lavender face wash. The Rose face wash is heavenly and I feel as if I am in my garden. I have tried the Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh moisturizer as well as the Rose one, and keep at least one of each on hand. I use the washes morning and night, as well as the moisturizers. I use more of the moisturizer at night and just a small amount every morning. I highly recommend the products! (Posted on 21/10/2013)
Gentle, effective and affordable Review by Rebecca, The Netherlands & Australia
This cleanser is just a beautiful potpourri of ingredients that are natural, non-irritating and feel divine upon application. The creator is a lovely, accommodating man who knows what he is doing and appears to put the utmost care into producing quality products.

I made the switch from harsh, expensive cleansers containing a range of synthetic ingredients that I could not recognise to organic products a few years back. I've tried Avene, Vichy, Aveda, Janson Beckett, Madara, Sukin, Weleda and Logona, and this is my favourite and the only cleanser I've purchased more than four times. I adore the smell, adore the feel, adore the cleansing effect and I appreciate its non-comedogenic and non-drying properties. Thank you! (Posted on 12/08/2013)
This is now my only face wash. Highly recommended! Review by Marielle, Canada
This has become my favorite face wash. I am over 40 and I have tried a lot of face wash products and this one is just the best for me. I have used it daily for 3 months now. It is an excellent, efficient yet gentle, simply formulated cleanser. It does not irritate my sensitive skin and does not leave it feeling dry or harsh. And the smell is wonderful. I do not tolerate scented products and originally ordered this one and the unscented cleanser, but I am reordering this one as it has a wonderful gentle, natural rose scent. And I also love the foamy texture.

This is now my only face wash. Highly recommended! (Posted on 01/07/2013)

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