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Organic Rose - Foaming Face Wash

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Organic Rose Face Wash

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Gentle and Effective Review by Lisabeth, Germany
I have been using this Face wash for a little over two weeks now and it has been marvellous. Having never used a foam cleanser, I was a little sceptical that such a light foam could effectively cleanse my skin. My scepticism has vanished because one pump is more than enough. It leaves skin clean without the stripped feeling. The scent is not overpowering and although I am not a great fan of Rose scented products, I am very happy with it. I urge those who prefer gel cleansers or even oils to try this as it is a lovely alternative and much easier to use. (Posted on 11/04/2012)
LOVE IT!!! Review by Miriam Hamilton, Spain
Love it!!! Love the smell, the feeling on my skin and the price. (Posted on 20/03/2012)
Lovely Review by Kate, UK
I have been looking for a rose scented cleanser for a while since I found out my Lancome rose cleanser was tested on animals. This cleanser is a lot like the Lancome one, it makes my skin less oily, even though it is not specifically designed for oily skin. It makes my skin feel clean, and it remains feeling clean for quite a while - unlike most other cleansers. It smells lovely too and is nice and foamy and creamy so it feels nice to use. I have been using it for about a week now and my skin looks quite a bit clearer and the tone has improved. If you have had oily skin for a long time and have been using products that are quite harsh and they have not cleared up your skin I would recommend this as it is designed for sensitive skin and will not irritate your skin, causing it to produce more oil. I would really recommend this product. (Posted on 19/02/2012)
Fantastic Review by Hana, Slovakia
My skin is very sensitive and dries out easily if I don't have the proper face wash, so I have to be very picky. It is really not easy to find something that gives you enough hydration, but also leaves you feeling like your skin is really cleaned. I like the squeaky-clean feeling that makes me feel that I got rid of any impurities on my face :-). And this is exactly what I had on my mind when I was looking for a perfect face wash. The smell is divine, it's very soft and non-drying and it makes me feel that my skin is absolutely clean after using this. Thank you, Boris, I would be very happy (and I'm sure that's not only me ;-) ), if you could add some toners and maybe serums one day... :-)
Thank you for a great service and wonderful products. (Posted on 08/01/2012)
My face has a nice glow Review by Jennifer Martin, Norway
Love the smell of the Rose cleanser and the texture. It initially seemed to make my skin red. However, after a few weeks, I feel my skin is actually looking good and the redness seems to have faded. My skin has now really settled down and I feel that this facial wash is really suiting my skin. Certainly shall re-order! I feel my face just has a nice glow to it! Shall order some more rose cream shortly and look forward to hearing about any new products that you will be bringing out! (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Am I really seeing what I think I'm seeing?! Review by Libby, New York, United States
WOW!!! Seriously, there is no turning back or trying any other wash except from MuLondon. I am in complete awe of what happened when I used the Organic Rose Cleanser yesterday.

So, I'm taking a shower and I apply the cleanser to my face, it feels nice, rubs well into my skin and smells wonderful. I rinse it off and can just feel my skin breathing as if to say, "Ahh, what a nice breeze." I could really feel my pores taking breaths and unclogging, it was wonderful. That's not the best part though. . .

When I went into my bedroom to apply the Marigold, Frankincense, and Myrrh moisturizer, I looked into the mirror closely and noticed that the tiny blackheads on the end of my nose were GONE! Those little blackheads can be so difficult to get rid of, but with this cleanser they were wiped out in just ONE rinse. I found this hard to believe. I even went into another room with better lighting just to make sure of what I was seeing. Once confirmed, I giggled like a little school girl!

I'm going to tell everybody about your cleanser. It is just so wonderful, I feel like everyone should try it. I love your products and I refuse to use anything else. I am forever grateful for your wonderful, organic creams and cleansers! :)

Libby (Posted on 10/12/2011)
Pretty good Review by Joey - Sunny California
Easy to use. Makes you feel clean afterwards.

Would like it to have more of a rose smell, as it is very light.

Also, if you are able to make this in a cleansing gel version, that would be great. Some of us prefer gels over foams. (Posted on 25/10/2011)
This product is so easy to use, and the foam is so gentle Review by Yvonne, Somerset, UK
Hi there,

I received my Rose foaming face wash yesterday, and tried it for the first time today, and WOW - it's such a joy to use! My skin already looked healthier and happier since I discovered and started using the wonderful Organic Rose moisturiser.

I know I have only used the face wash for the first time today, but this product is so easy to use, and the foam is so gentle. My face felt softer and fresher and clean, there was no tightness at all. You just know when something is just right for your skin. The Organic Rose moisturiser complements it beautifully.

Today my skin has a luminosity and a healthy glow, and feels really comfortable. All I needed today was a touch of concealer [for those annoying dark circles!] and a little setting powder! Maybe an idea for future products could be a natural organic concealer and an organic face powder - as I think that is all you need to look and feel gorgeous after using your wonderful skin caring products.

Thank you for your wonderful pure products, and for helping my skin to look more radiant than it has ever looked. (Posted on 25/10/2011)

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