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Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser

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MuLondon Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser

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Absolutely wonderful! A real treat for my skin. Review by Nina, Ardeche, France
I'm so glad I've discovered MuLondon! I was looking for new cruelty-free organic cosmetics, as the French company which makes the ones I used until recently has disappointed me by deciding to sell its products in China, therefore accepting to have them tested on animals as stipulated by the Chinese law. :-(

I decided to try one of your fabulous products, and I am currently using your Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh moisturiser as my night cream and it feels absolutely wonderful! A real treat for my skin. This was my first order from you but certainly NOT my last!

Best regards from France. (Posted on 16/06/2015)
Sensational moisturiser Review by Margie, Victoria, Australia
I received my beautiful moisturiser a few days ago, and immediately showered and gave my face some luxury. It smells lovely and went on my face with ease. Also only needed a small pea size of moisturiser as advised. I am delighted with the continued use of this product. Thank you for a sensational moisturiser! (Posted on 07/06/2015)
The itching stopped immediately Review by Marianne, Ottawa, Canada
I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturiser. I sometimes have problem skin (dry, itchy, and red) that really drives me nuts, especially in the spring. In the past, I have used a hydrocortisone cream. The other day, I couldn't find it, so I decided to try your moisturiser on the area. As soon as I applied it, the itching stopped, immediately.

I thought it might be a fluke. Maybe I was just lucky. No, subsequent times I've applied it have assured me that this was no fluke.

I am totally thrilled with this natural product that I will be able to use regardless of where I next get the itching and burning. This time, it was on my neck, but I've also had the same problem on the inside of my elbow and another time, near my eye (hydrocortisone cream is not recommended near the eye).

It is not simply the fact that your product is a moisturiser because some cheaper brands of moisturising cream actually cause the burning to feel worse (believe me, I've had this problem for years, so I have tried a lot of creams). No, what works is the mixture of ingredients that you have blended together which soothe and heal my reddened skin.

Thanks for making this exceptional product. All the best! (Posted on 16/03/2015)
Dry patches gone overnight Review by Cheryl, Colorado, USA
I'm excited to receive my present order as one of the jars is for my mom. I was visiting her recently and she had dry patches on both sides of her face. I applied some of my Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh cream and the next day it was so much better! Thank you so much for your fine products! (Posted on 25/02/2015)
Cruelty-free, vegan, and ultra-effective Review by Janel, Camden, Maine, USA
I don't normally do this, but wanted to give a huge thank you for making amazing moisturizers. I don't wear makeup (other than 3-4 times a year), and don't care about looking "beautiful", but I do like to have healthy, natural skin. Your moisturizers have been an absolute dream this winter! I used to get dry around the eyes and cheeks in the winter, but not this year thanks to MuLondon.

Cruelty-free, vegan, and ultra-effective. What more could I possibly need?

Thanks again and please keep doing what you're doing! (Posted on 20/02/2015)
The skin on my neck is firmer and with fewer wrinkles than before Review by Melanie, West Sussex, UK
This moisturiser is lovely. It is very firm and a little goes a long way. My skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth after several days of using this moisturiser day and night. I also use it on my neck and have noticed that the skin on my neck is firmer and with fewer wrinkles than before. The smell and texture of the cream are lovely and reflect its composition of natural oils. There is no synthetic taint to it all. I am very pleased with the product and will certainly be buying some more when my pot runs out. Best of all, it is a lot less expensive than equivalent formulations from better known brands. (Posted on 18/02/2015)
Rich and hydrating Review by Elisa, Sunderland, UK
I got this moisturiser as a gift for Christmas. It is deeply hydrating and my skin looks and feels amazing!

I love the ethics of this brand.

Can you please develop a tissue off cleanser and an eye cream? Thanks :) (Posted on 17/02/2015)
Nourishes the skin on my face and neck Review by Liz, Wales, UK
Very happy with the shipment.

A big thank you for the delicious scent of the Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh moisturiser and congratulations for creating it. It has a perfect quality of texture: solid yet easy to spread simply by running a couple of fingers lightly over the top surface of the cream. I need very little to nourish the skin on my face and neck.

Well done!
Kind Regards,
Liz (Posted on 01/11/2014)
Amazing Products Review by Leanne, London, UK
MuLondon products are amazing, the creams smell gorgeous and natural and leave my skin feeling soft. (Posted on 01/04/2014)
Best Quality, Good for the Planet, Incredible Service Review by Emmett, Stockholm, Sweden
Honestly, nothing tops the service, quality, and stewardship of MuLondon. Here is a company that truly cares, not only about beauty of the body, but also the beauty of the soul, and the planet. (Posted on 01/04/2014)

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