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Organic Hemp Moisturiser

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MuLondon Organic Hemp Moisturiser

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Excellent Review by Aleksandra, Poland
This is an amazing moisturiser. It gives me soft and spotless skin, it even helps to reduce some small wrinkles. Lovely! (Posted on 27/02/2015)
I've fallen in love with MuLondon Review by Giada, London, UK
I'm just in love with your moisturiser. It's amazing, the texture is incredible, it's so soft and so nourishing. I love it.

I feel hydrated and I don't feel like my skin isn't breathing, which always happens with commercial 'fake-natural' cosmetics.

I like the perfume and it's perfect as a base for my make up.

The packaging is really nice as well. I've fallen in love with MuLondon! I will definitely order it again once it's finished, and I'm really curious to try the face wash!

Well done, I wish you all the luck! (Posted on 10/02/2015)
Excellent moisturiser for extremely dry hands Review by Lisset López, Monterrey, México
I tested this cream on my brother's extremely dry hands, which were battered with small wounds. After the first application, the wounds were healed and were no longer hurting him, the redness disappeared and after some time, his hands were 100% recovered. We had used many creams and not one had worked, but this cream is excellent!!!

Thanks, MuLondon! (Posted on 01/01/2015)
Great product - My complexion looks fresh, vital and much more even Review by Martin, Germany
A friend of mine recommended this cream to me and I became very curious as she was super-delighted after trying it.

I was using cheaper products from drug store chains before and always had dry/oily skin and impurities – this product has balanced my skin entirely. No more spots or dry feeling. My complexion looks fresh, vital and much more even.

I was not used to a smell like this as I only knew the mainstream industrial products from the major beauty firms – however, it grew more and more on me and now I actually love the natural scent. It has a vitalizing effect on my mind.

If you are unsure, try it and see for yourself. (Posted on 28/12/2014)
Great for us blokes too! Review by Martin, Cheltenham, UK
Have been using this for nearly two weeks now as an all round moisturiser and post shave moisturiser. A little tricky to apply initially but once you get the hang of it, no problem. Skin feels supple and calm without the heavy weight or greasiness of some creams. Hardly any shine as it absorbs into the skin really well even if you apply too much. A little goes a long way so I would recommend you divide your face into four zones and work a small amount on the end of your fingers into your forehead, either cheek and neck to get even coverage. I find this technique works really well to get an even application on a thicker hide. LOL! (Posted on 08/11/2014)
Excellent Review by Customer from Birmingham, UK
I have tried other natural moisturisers, but they just sit on top of my skin. This one actually absorbs into my skin and since using it for the past week, I can notice a difference in my skin. Love it as a daytime moisturiser! (Posted on 01/09/2014)
An excellent product Review by Richard Boughey, UK
The Hemp moisturiser probably isn't as instantly likeable as the others in the range, as the sniff test is more medicinal than treat, but this is an excellent product nonetheless. Using this concentrated moisturiser takes a little getting used to, but because you use so little (and because you can adjust very easily to using less or more) - it's very economical and you can use it in a targeted way.

I find the texture to be more mask-like than I'm used to and it feels less absorbing when you first apply it (there's a slight after feeling like when you apply a light mask) but actually it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy feel at all. As it's designed for healing and protecting, I think the medicinal scent and feel in use is very appropriate, but I can appreciate that this might be a little disconcerting at first.

I started by alternating it between morning or night, but adjusted this after the first few days to just in the morning, as this seemed to work better for me. You really don't need much if you follow the instructions to warm it in your hands. It's helpful, as they say, for your face to be moist, but I actually preferred a dryer skin for application - but that's just me.

I've been using it during some very very cold weather with me walking outside for about three hours a day and my skin's held up very well using this product. My face feels tighter and is clearer and because it doesn't over moisturise, I have fewer breakouts. The jar is small enough to carry on trips, so I haven't had to decant any into smaller containers, which has been very handy (as is not being worried about spills or bursts from plane travel).

Overall a great product that works well. This one may be very specific in terms of skin type and condition, but it works very well for me. (Posted on 01/08/2014)
Something that actually does what it says. Amazing results. Review by Timothy L., California, USA
I hardly ever review any products online but felt compelled to review this MuLondon product. This makes my face feel smooth all day with no greasy after feeling, except maybe for the first 10 minutes when it first goes on. This seriously has taken away from my large pores on my nose. I’m not going to say this clears black heads or shrinks pores, but what it does is smooths out your entire face including the fine lines around your blackhead “holes”, which makes your skin appear smoother and flat with a soft skin look. I'm just a normal person, not a paid reviewer and I just HAD TO tell everyone how amazing this product is. Seriously get some Bioré nose strips (for those suffering from blackheads on your nose), use the strips after a shower, then after pulling the strip apply this moisturizer and it will make your skin appear flawless. And the more you use it, (I'm a daily user after the shower), the more results you see. This cream evens out your skin, smells great and natural, makes scars and imperfections fade, and even has the added bonus of keeping acne at bay. Definitely worth a try. I'm forever a new customer from California. (Posted on 28/03/2014)
Excellent - I love the herbal smell Review by Sigrid, Vienna, Austria
Another wonderful moisturiser. I just started using it a week ago, as I wanted to finish my old cream before using the Hemp Moisturiser, but I was tempted to use it as the Lavender Moisturiser did such an excellent job on my kids' skin. I am very happy with the results. My skin feels so nice from using it, and I love the herbal smell of it too. I am very happy to have found your products, Boris! I will definitely recommend you and order your moisturisers for my family and friends. (Posted on 24/02/2014)
Top quality product! Review by Hannah, Romford, UK
I have been purchasing moisturiser from MuLondon for over a year now and I am never disappointed with the product or service. This Hemp moisturiser is to die for, and I will never get moisturising cream anywhere else. My face feels like silk and my skin tone seems so much more even. I would recommend this product to everyone, especially to those with sensitive skin, as I am usually prone to breakouts when I use things with harsh chemicals in. I would give this moisturiser 12 out of 10. Fabulous product. Try the White Chocolate Truffle one, too... amazing! (Posted on 20/08/2013)

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