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MuLondon Organic Hemp Moisturiser

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Fantastic moisturiser Review by Mandy, South Yorkshire, UK
I'm very pleased with this product. I suffer from psoriasis and my face is usually flaky, dry and itchy. Every other product I have tried just soaks into my skin, only to leave it dry again after 10 minutes. I have to use natural creams as other products irritate my skin. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling great and with no dry patches all day, from one application.

This product is natural and an excellent moisturiser, I'm extremely happy and would recommend it to anybody, more so, psoriasis sufferers would benefit from this moisturiser. Thank you for the lovely cream :) (Posted on 20/04/2013)
Intense Moisture - Creamy and Luxurious! Review by Helena, England, UK
This is such an intense moisturiser and you only need a tiny bit that'll go a long way. It's great if you need that extra bit of moisture but have oily skin. I don't use it everyday because it is quite thick and rich, but it feels really creamy and luxurious. It has a light natural scent that isn't overpowering and I love how it is vegan and all natural and organic.

Overall it's a great product, especially if you have oily skin but occasionally get dry patches or need to boost your skin's moisture! (Posted on 22/03/2013)
Lovely! Review by Katta, Sweden
Love this wonderful moisturiser :) Perfect for the face and for my mixed skin type. Thank you soooo much, Boris! (Posted on 04/03/2013)
Awesome moisturiser Review by Stacey, Edinburgh, UK
The Hemp moisturiser is rich, buttery and extremely luxurious. It has great absorption, it soaks straight into the skin and leaves it feeling fresh, silky and smooth. I use this moisturiser all over my body and have found that what was once acne-prone areas on my face and areas that were extremely dry are now cleared up and this is only after a few weeks of using the product. Not once did it ever irritate my skin which is very sensitive. This is the only moisturiser I need in my beauty regime. It is worth every penny as and as a little goes a long way it is great value for money. This is a little wonder product that everyone should own!!! (Posted on 23/02/2013)
Muved To Tears Review by Mari, Edinburgh, UK
Your skin is your body’s largest living breathing organ. When you put chemicals on it, your skin, in its own way, ingests them. I wouldn’t choose to eat, drink or even lick a chemical cocktail, so I decided to stop forcing my skin to and adapt an organic, chemical free skin care routine courtesy of my new magical find MuLondon.

I won’t lie and say I’m spot free, but it’s 80% better. My skin is glowing, shine-free and it’s getter better day by day. The products can be used day or night, smell gorgeous and leave your skin feeling fresh and energized. Better still, I can pronounce everything on the (very small) ingredients list. I opted for the Rose Foaming Face Wash and Hemp Moisturiser. Both of which I just adore and couldn’t live without. Thank you! (Posted on 05/02/2013)
Verdent velvet Review by Jill Anderson, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
I have previously used the Rose moisturiser which is fantastic, but this one must be more in tune with my skin. I absolutely adore it and will use it for life! It's super-hydrating and rejuvenating. I have been mixing a little with my foundation and even with my blusher, which produced a silky luscious lustre. I could not love this product more. Thank you, Boris, for you magic. (Posted on 01/02/2013)
My skin is more supple, vibrant and youthful Review by Kate, Belgium
Boris provided exceptional customer service and accountability despite the frustrating delivery systems we had to deal with. It is rare to find such personal concern for customer satisfaction.

I now happily possess the Gift Box that contains the 5 moisturisers. My skin is more supple, vibrant and youthful than before using these products. I live in a rainy, dry climate that takes its toll on my skin - Boris' products have done wonders in repairing the quality and luminosity of my skin.

These delicately scented moisturisers are a must for those seeking a humane remedy to persistently dry skin.

Thank you Boris -- I am so happy with these products and I will continue to recommend them to my friends and family.

Kate (Posted on 15/01/2013)
Wow! Review by Kelly, United States
This moisturizer is OUTSTANDING! I love everything about it, right down to the jar it came in. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you so much for this extraordinary product. (Posted on 12/01/2013)
It has the horniest scent my olfactory system has ever had the pleasure of receiving Review by Neil Milton, Essex, UK
I only discovered MuLondon because my usual supplier didn't carry the product I required. I'd been meaning to try sativa on my skin, so I purchased the Hemp moisturiser. One of the factors behind my purchase was that the product is vegan. It's slightly heavier than what I usually use, so it's early days as to whether I prefer it, but it's slightly more affordable than what I usually buy. What I can say is that, aside from the obvious, it has the horniest scent my olfactory system has ever had the pleasure of receiving. (Posted on 03/10/2012)
Brill! Review by Bridget Valler, Surrey, UK
Just wanted to say that I loooove your products - have all the moisturisers (got my friends to buy them for my birthday - good move eh) - and this is really a request for you not to go changing any of them. I have been through countless makes and found none to be more enhancing for my skin, which isn't the greatest - too much time in the sun!

In the past I have found that you finally happen across a make-up etc that you love, then they go and do something daft like discontinue it or change the ingredients ...blah.
Congratulations, you deserve success in huge abundance.
Have an ace day. (Posted on 29/08/2012)

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