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Organic Fragrance-Free Foaming Face Wash

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MuLondon Organic Fragrance-Free Foaming Face Wash

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Five Stars Review by Jane, London, UK
Simply perfect. Superior quality and leaves skin smooth and clean without feeling tight or greasy. I have been searching for a gentle vegan foaming cleanser for the past year, and have always been slightly disappointed. I am pleased to say that my search is now at an end, and I am a very happy customer. I will be trying the other MuLondon products and I am urging others to try them. Many thanks for a high quality vegan product. (Posted on 15/06/2013)
Efficient cleanser Review by Agnes, The Netherlands
This is a very efficient, gentle cleanser. I use it in combination with the Frangrance-Free moisturiser and the results are amazing. I have very dry skin and most cleansers either don't do the job properly or leave my skin feeling tight. This cleanser feels soft in use and causes a minimal tight feeling only. The only downside is that it does sting if it enters your eyes, but I can live with it. It's a keeper for me. (Posted on 11/09/2012)
The best products I have ever used! Review by Åshild, Norway
No more tight skin after cleansing! This cleanser makes my skin so soft and smooth, I felt the difference right away. I have problem skin; both sensitive and acne prone, dehydrated and oily - but finally my skin feels totally balanced! I use this in combination with the limited edition, Fragrance-free moisturiser - my skin just loves it! Thank you so much for making these fantastic products, I will be a MuLondon customer for life :) (Posted on 12/03/2012)
Gentle face wash and shaving foam Review by Herminia, Portugal
Organic Fragrance-Free Foaming Face Wash - It's the second time I've bought it, only this time it was not for me. I gave it to a friend of mine who has used it as foaming face wash and as a shaving foam. Well, he loves it. He finds it really gentle and it doesn't dry out his skin at all.

Kind regards,
Hermínia (Posted on 09/03/2012)
I really liked the products and the customer service! Review by Herminia, Portugal
I am writing to tell you that I really liked the MuLondon products I bought a few weeks ago. I bought 3 products, one cleanser and two moisturisers that I shall review separately.

So, here it goes:

Organic Foaming Facial Cleanser (Fragrance-free) - It does clean really well, it is quite gentle and it works fine as a make up remover. However, I wouldn't recommend it as an eye make-up remover because it may sting a bit.

Organic Rose moisturiser - I love the way my skin feels once I put it. Very smooth and not greasy at all (I have combination skin, so greasiness can be a problem). I am not sure it will be good for me in the summer, because summers in Portugal are really hot and I might need a moisturiser with a less thick texture. I may be wrong, though. I'll have to wait and see. I am not particularly crazy about the scent but it doesn't last long, so that is perfect for me. Still, I truly recommend it because it is really nourishing and it is an excellent primer.

Organic White Chocolate Truffle - Same as above, only I have not used it on my face. Just body and hands. It's really lovely as it leaves the skin very, very smooth. I also like the scent as it is not too strong.

I am very particular about fragrances as I grow tired of them very easily. I have to keep changing or go for fragrance-free products (which are perfect for me). Therefore, in the near future I shall try the other 3 moisturisers available.

Also, I must mention the package. I really like the small jars and the fact that they are made of glass. They are very simple but classy. Plus, they are perfect to add to a travelling set.

Last but not the least, if I were to grade MuLondon's customer service on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 6.
(Posted on 03/02/2012)
Perfect! Review by Alison Ross, North Wales
So happy I’ve found these GREAT products. My skin tends to be dry and a little temperamental! I chose the Fragrance-Free face wash. So pleased! It has just the right amount of foaming action and doesn't leave the skin tight. Your skin feels beautifully refreshed and I will definitely but it again (or maybe one of the fragranced ones).

Well done for creating such wonderful QUALITY PRODUCTS. I was beginning to think I was going to have to settle for watered-down, inferior stuff, packaged as organic or pure - then, when you read the ingredients, it's actually not that pure at all!

Please extend your range!! COSMETICS WOULD BE GREAT, tinted moisturisers, etc - please!!!!! (Posted on 24/12/2011)
Perfect cleanser for sensitive skin types! Review by Yvona, Prague, Czech Republic
I have been using this cleanser for nearly 1,5 months and I'm still totally in love with it. Particularly because it doesn't irritate my skin at all – or dry it out, which was the case with many other (even natural/organic) cleansers. I use it for shaving as well and again, it leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh and beautiful.

As with the moisturisers, a little goes a long way!

I will definitely try the other versions, too (the Lavender is already on the way, actually : ))!

Thank you, Boris : ). (Posted on 30/11/2011)

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